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Infant program

6 Weeks - 18 Months

Our highly sought after infant program is founded on the principles of the RIE philosophy and Attachment Theory, in which all care routines are grounded in respect for the infant. We have small ratios of 1:3 for infants to teacher and instill the primary caregiving system. All care routines are individualized to each child. 

Attachment Theory Put Into Practice: 

Attachment Theory is the basis for all care at Discovery Days. All teachers strive to create a secure attachment with each of the children in their primary group. By creating a secure attachment with their teacher it allows the child to build trust with the teacher, establish a healthy and positive bond and to feel secure that the parent will return at the end of the day. We create this attachment through primary caregiving, where one teacher is continuously responsible for the needs and well being of a certain child. This attachment aids in the healthy emotional and social development of the child. It is essential for all children to form a secure attachment to their teacher in order for the child to thrive in our program.

Palmetto Campus Class: Cherry Blossoms 

Bellevue Campus Class: Sweet Peas 

Infant Program

Palmetto Campus

Infant Program

bellevue Campus

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