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Hello!  My name is Julia Weyand and I am the Director at Discovery Days Preschool.  In my role at DDP, I am proud to continue growing the vision that Lisa and Dione have entrusted me to build; a unique play and community-based program that encourages and celebrates children’s development, as well as providing support and education for parents.

In my experience as an early childhood educator and administrator, my focus is on three very important tasks:

  • Establish an open and effective relationship with the parent community whose enthusiastic support is essential to the program’s success

  • Work and grow with a group of exceptional early childhood educators

  • Develop a strong, play-based preschool program that will prepare students for kindergarten and beyond.

Why is Early Childhood Education important to you? There is so much development in the early years that I believe it should be important to everyone!  Inquiry and Agency are at the core of who I am as an educator and administrator and why early childhood education is important to me. Inquiry being the way we approach or think about things and in the early years, as this is the time that these skills are fostered into lifelong skills.  What an impactful time!  Promoting a sense of agency in young children is at the core of respectful caregiving and play-based, emergent curriculum.  With intentional teaching and experiences, young children are forming how they view the world and their role in it.  And that is why inquiry and agency go hand in hand with early childhood education.  What an important role we as educators play in supporting not only each child on their journey but our parents as well in their understanding of child development and journey as parents!  

What is your background? I have served in senior positions in other early childhood centers that most recently includes being a Director at an International Baccalaureate accredited program in West Los Angeles.  In addition to my extensive experience working with children from 0-8 years old for more than 20 years, I continue to be a student myself.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology from California State University, Fullerton and obtained my Master’s Degree in Human Development with an emphasis on Leadership in Education and Human Services from Pacific Oaks. 

To sum up, I will use the wise words of Magda Gerber: “Play provides an outlet for curiosity, information about the physical world, a safe way to deal with anxiety and social relationships.  In the long run, play serves children’s inner needs, hopes, and aspirations.”  I am so excited to share our community with you and look forward to welcoming you here to DDP.

You can contact Julia via email at

Julia Weyand 



Greetings! My name is Aracely Ramirez and I am the Assistant Director at Discovery Days Preschool. I have worked in the field of child development for the last twelve years and have been a part of the Discovery Days team since 2018. I have earned an Associates Degree in Child Development from East Los Angeles College and I am currently working on obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Child Education at Pacific Oaks College.


I am a proud mother of two, and aside from my passion of being an early educator and mother, I enjoy cooking, baking, and doing arts and crafts with my children. 


I have had the opportunity to teach different types of curriculums in the preschool setting and the Reggio Approach has by far been my favorite approach to Early Childhood Education. I strongly believe in the effectiveness of a child centered curriculum in which a child is allowed to flourish at his or her own pace, and express their thoughts and ideas through a variety of mediums. I have always appreciated the belief that all children should be valued and respected for their own unique qualities. 


I take on many roles within the DDP team, including enrollment coordinator and curriculum coordinator and I work closely with the owners and director to ensure DDP continues to offer the high quality care and education . I look forward to getting to know you and your children!


You can contact Miss Aracely via email at

ARACELY Ramirez 
Assistant Director 
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