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Transitional kindergarten program

4.5 - 6 Years

​​Our vision for our TK class is to strike a perfect balance between properly getting our students ready for kindergarten, while allowing for plenty of play and exploration, outdoor play time, opportunity for enrichment, exposure to the Spanish language and all the while still feeling the strong sense of being nurtured by their teacher. We are not aiming to have our TK class be another year of kindergarten, but instead we encourage our children to ask questions, discover new interesting and profound facts about the world around them and most importantly to be truly seen, heard and valued by their teachers. Our TK program is also a full day program year around (most TK programs are half day).  

  • Designed for students who have one more year of preschool before entering kindergarten.

  • Focus on early literacy skills, handwriting, early math skills and heavily centered around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and general Kindergarten readiness skills.

  • Focus on social-emotional skills, including confidence in problem solving and interactions with peers, age appropriate rule following and rich opportunity for creativity and imagination. Designed with a backbone of Positive Discipline techniques to model and guide behaviors. 

  • Must be 4 by September 1st.

Palmetto Campus Class: Sequoias

Transitional Kindergarten

Palmetto Campus

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