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Two Year Old program

2 - 3 Years

Our two year old program is only offered at our Bellevue location and is specially designed just for two year olds. Discovery Days stands apart from other schools by offering extremely low ratios in our 2 year old program. Each class has 2 teachers with only 9 children (For reference, state required ratio is 1 teacher for every 12 children). 

Our two year old program is a good option for children who are slow to warm and may need a smaller, more intimate setting for their first preschool experience. 

Some of the goals of the curriculum are:

  • To encourage children to be actively involved in the learning process.

  • To prompt children to think creatively.

  • To aide children in asking questions and discovering answers.

  • To encourage children to nurture curiosity and remain enthusiastic about learning.

  • To support children in experiencing success and developing self-confidence.

  • To promote, model and support appropriate social behavior.

Students do not need to be potty trained to enroll in this program.

Bellevue Campus Class: Poppies

two year old program

Bellevue Campus

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